2022 Change Log

IN JUNE 2022 I DECIDED TO REBUILD my personal webpage, but when I got to work I saw my old webpages were broken! In August 2006, the summer after graduating high school before college, I wrote a Dvorak touch typing tutor in Flash. I learned in 2022 Flash is completely dead; being a sentimental person I decided to take a few days to re-write it in Javascript and added some cool features while I was at it.

Next I looked at this old mandatory blog I wrote in college while overseas in Croatia, and found out that it was also broken! 2008 versions of MySQL and Wordpress were failing: limited comment security lead to thousands of comments and the layout wasn't loading at all. I'm a sentimental guy so I figured I'd take a few days to restore it.

I used Archive.org to rebuild the original faithfully. but it looked pretty dated, especially with the raster/bitmap text in the header.

These are the things I changed:

  • Content changes in text:
    • Prelude/Afterward entries are added in 2022
    • Addendum boxes- additional information and corrections added to some posts, in specially marked and dated "addendum boxes"
    • Post on June 20, 2008 - deleted duplicate photo/caption with caption 'Food between Mostar and Sarajevo'
    • Besides for those differences, all text is exactly the same as original blog.
  • Changes in photographs:
    • Almost all photos are larger and higher resolution with slightly better color.
    • Post on April 4, 2008 - Signficantly improved colors on 1 photo with caption: 'An HDR shot of an old lady I found walking down this really interesting road by the salt mine in Ston'. Click images to see originals.
    • Post on May 8, 2008 - Signficantly improved colors on 3 photos with captions: 'HDR shot I took without my tripod', 'River outside the salt mine in stone' and 'Road leading to the salt mine'. Click images to see originals.
    • All other photographs are identical to 2008 blog.
  • Blog entries order reversed, reads from beginning to end.
  • Spam comments and tags removed.
  • Some dead links now point to Archive.org, GregK's link in About page updated to working blog link from around the same time period
  • Host photos on local server instead of from Flickr, in case Flickr disappears one day.
  • Blog is now a simple static HTML page, rather than a Wordpress website. 2008 versions of Wordpress, PHP and MySQL are no longer supported, and a 2022 Wordpress will have the same issue again someday, but static HTML and CSS should require no future maintance.
  • Font of entire blog now Vollkorn. Font for whole blog is larger than original.
  • Links are now green because I liked the way it looks better
  • Changed title of original 'Preface' to "Introduction"
  • Wrote different CSS for mobile, so this page works better on mobile now (way overkill)
  • Header updated to look modern on high resolution displays:
    • Found Vollkorn font, which resembles original font in bitmap header text, and embedded it.
    • Replaced original bitmap title, random text and header links with Vollkorn text in 2022 version.
    • Found Floralia font, whose symbols matches decorations in original header very closely. I used this font to create a new 300dpi version of the decoration, which should look sharp for the foreseeable future.
    • Added links for Stacy and Ian, something I've been meaning to do since I was in Croatia.
    • Got rid of archive (useless Wordpress artifact) and renamed Photo link
    • Added a link to this page

Mouse over or tap the image below to compare the original 2008 header with the 2022 header.

2008 header rendered on a 15" 2560x1600 display
2008 header
At a cafe

Photo of Teo, Kyle, me and Chris by Stacy, taken March 2008

I don't look like this anymore.