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Final Dispatch

June 20, 2008

I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY ARCHIVE OF PHOTOS today, looking to see which ones might be worth putting in my last post before I archive the files to DVD and delete them from my hard drive. I had over 2000 pictures–that’s 17 gigs worth of photos–to look through… and I was surprised about two things: [...]

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May 29, 2008

IT WAS MONDAY, 9 AM CROATIAN TIME (3 AM EASTERN TIME) THAT I smoked my last cigarette before getting in the cab to head to Dubrovnik Airport. That was about 3 days ago, and I think most of the symptoms of physical withdrawal (headaches, depression, general dysphoria) have subsided. What still lingers is purely psychological, [...]

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Recommendations for future Students Studying Abroad in Croatia

May 19, 2008

SO MY TIME IS ALMOST UP HERE AND I HAVE HAD some amazing experiences; there are a few things I regret too. So with that, some advice for any students planning on studying abroad: Learn some Croatian before you come. I recommend the Pimsleur tapes, which are expensive if you decide to buy them, but [...]

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Across the Pond (The Pond in this case being the Baltic Sea)

SO I AM IN THE UK WRITING ABOUT being here. I love Dubrovnik, but it’s nice to be around people who mostly speak your language, recycle, live in fear of traffic laws, and butter their bread. You still have to bag your own groceries. In all honestly I see myself really enjoying my stay here [...]

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Some More Pictures

May 8, 2008

HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FROM BEHIND ACMT, Mali Ston, and Ston respectively. Chris lounges on wall overlooking a cliff. Stacy hides behind him.   Stacy shows Chris her pictures.   Default Chris: Handicam in hand and massive backpack to match.   Kyle enjoying the view.   Stacy looking at her pictures in the shade.   Enourmous dog checks [...]

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Some Random Photos

April 4, 2008

NOW THAT MY LAPTOP IS BACK ONLINE, my hard drive recovered, and my Internet connection stable, I’m going to start posting some of the pictures I’ve been taking. I’ve got a ton of them so it will take me a couple of days to catch up. The photo people with me, Kyle and Axel.   [...]

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Small Talk

March 12, 2008

I’VE NEVER BEEN ANY GOOD AT MAKING small talk. This is a problem when nothing especially important needs to be said and awkward silences are more awkward than awkward conversation. So instead of having an awkward blog entry or an awkward silence (which there has been up to this point), I’m going to change my [...]

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February 22, 2008

I AM GOING TO WRITE STUFF worth reading on this webpage. At least I’m going to give it my damnedest. Sort of uncool—yes. And I know only a few people will really read it, but that’s not why I’m writing it. By the end of the trip not only will I have amassed this wonderful [...]

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