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Final Dispatch

June 20, 2008

I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY ARCHIVE OF PHOTOS today, looking to see which ones might be worth putting in my last post before I archive the files to DVD and delete them from my hard drive. I had over 2000 pictures–that’s 17 gigs worth of photos–to look through… and I was surprised about two things: [...]

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Some More Pictures

May 8, 2008

HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FROM BEHIND ACMT, Mali Ston, and Ston respectively. Chris lounges on wall overlooking a cliff. Stacy hides behind him.   Stacy shows Chris her pictures.   Default Chris: Handicam in hand and massive backpack to match.   Kyle enjoying the view.   Stacy looking at her pictures in the shade.   Enourmous dog checks [...]

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Some Random Photos

April 4, 2008

NOW THAT MY LAPTOP IS BACK ONLINE, my hard drive recovered, and my Internet connection stable, I’m going to start posting some of the pictures I’ve been taking. I’ve got a ton of them so it will take me a couple of days to catch up. The photo people with me, Kyle and Axel.   [...]

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Dubrovnik from the Other Side of the Body of Water Cleaving through Dubrovnik

March 15, 2008

AN HDR SHOT OF DUBROVNIK I took from the side of the lake [body of water cleaving through Dubrovnik] opposite our [old] apartment.

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Beach Pictures

March 10, 2008

HERE ARE A COUPLE OF THE PHOTOS I took at the beach. The sunset from the road.   Anna right after taking a picture   A shot from the road overlooking the city   Stacy playing with a stray cat   Stacy holding the stray   Some unusual trees by the road   Brad looking [...]

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